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Posted September 2008

Welcome to Ecstatic Dance Tucson. Ecstatic Dance Tucson is a group of individuals committed to coming together on a regular basis and creating a safe environment where we can move our bodies, express ourselves freely and just plain shake it. Two of our main goals are to create community and have fun. We understand that it takes courage to open ourselves up in the presence of others and we do what we can to create a supportive environment which is alcohol, drug and judgment free. So, thank you for visiting our website and again, welcome.


Posted September 2008

Ecstatic Dance Tucson is a place for people to authentically and safely express themselves. It is a space free of judgment and instruction. It is a place to feel, move and heal, so that we can manifest our true selves.


Posted Dec 2009

Our Next Ecstatic Dance Event!

Date: Saturday, January 19, 2013
Time: 7:30-10:30pm
Approach the New Year with resolve to find the ECSTASY hidden in each new day.
Facilitated dance experience 7:30-8p * Free form open dance 8-10:30p

Suggested Cost $7 (sliding scale - trades for volunteer support available)
Smoke and alcohol free; Children under 12 free.

Location:Rhythm Industry Performance Factory(formerly Odaiko Sonora Studio)

1013 S. Tyndall Ave. It is one building south of SE corner of 20th and Tyndall

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Posted September 2008

Movement and dance to me is a spiritual practice that connects me to what is real and helps me to feel happy and very alive! - Gary Olsen

For me, dance is an opportunity to dive into a place where I allow previous blocks to dissolve, joys to become present with full force, heart-breaks to be revealed and ecstasy to be tasted - it is a space to explore and taste my full authentic self, in all it's dimensions and forms, beyond my previous limitations. - Tzadik

The experience of dance has been at times a healing journey inward where a space of acceptance is created so people can feel their own body and rhythms. Dance in this way can be a celebration of our selves and a coming home to community. In other words it can feel very good. - Abigail Harris