Amazon Herbs

A New Model of Rainforest Prosperity

For 28 years, "Amazon John" Easterling has been developing relationships with the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest. The Rainforest contains over half of the known plant and animal species on Earth making it the most bio-diverse ecosystem on the planet. The Amazon Rainforest acts as the lungs of the planet and plays a key role in maintaining global climatic stability.

Since 1990, The Amazon Herb Company has worked hand and hand with indigenous Rainforest communities, creating new models of prosperity and sustainability. Ecologically wild-harvesting our botanicals has produced a valuable new income source for these communities.

Additionally, The Amazon Herb Company collaborates with universities and research institutes to preserve and validate traditional indigenous botanical wisdom. 10% of company profits is channeled back into rainforest preservation charities. On top of this 20% of any purchases made through this web-site is paid directly back to your local non-profit community organization, Planet Coexist, which allows us to continue our mission of bringing peace to the planet through eco-spiritual ventures.

The Amazon Herb Company is already responsible for preserving over 300,000 acres of rainforest lands, and that number is expected to grow by over 1 million acres by the end of 2009! By participating with the Amazon Herb company you are directly participating in the solution and reshaping your world.