Project 11-11

Project 11-11 (originally 11/11 Initiative) began in November of 2005, during the two week long string of events, out at Tanque Verde Falls, in Tucson, Arizona, that brought Planet Coexist out to the community! The intention was to allow this energy to build over the course of 7 years, culminating in 2011 (11-11-11), with world-wide participation, building up the energy of both the fire and water of our spirits, for the purpose of creating the gentle “steam” of peace – the balance between our flames of passion and pools of reflection – to spread, as therapy and purification for ourselves and our community. However, as a choice of the Planet Coexist crew, after undergoing intense debate around major philosophical differences in the original council, we took an eight month sabbatical to discover and co-create a stronger foundation to do our work from. The second anniversary of this project came during this sabbatical. With the Planet Coexist community rapidly growing, and the clocks ticking away, it is now time to relight our fires, and pursue the original vision of this project – finding a balance for the sake of producing peace… one community at a time! Why 11? The number 11 has great significance in the world of symbolism, within many traditions. The beauty we would like to share with the world, in regards to the power of this number, is the message that it conveys around two individual, yet equal parts, standing side by side, as separate beings – standing in their own place – yet remaining as one. Contained in the metaphor of this number is one of the key ingredients toward the process of creating a new vision for this world! It contains within it the teaching of how necessary it is to live vibrantly and fully in our own selves – our own unique truths, while simultaneously living in a manner which is intimately connected and respectful to the unified whole. In addition, this is where the natural connection is made between the number 11, and the symbolism behind it, and the encouragement of embracing a balance between fire & water, to create the steams of peace! Self and Other; Fire and Water; Inner-Passion & Universal-Reflection. Combined, all these elements help us to create a balanced and harmonious world. How it works: We are encouraging people world-wide, on November 11th at 11:11 am, to take anywhere from 11 minutes to 111 minutes to embrace the element of water by looking into the pool of reflection. See what deep seeded emotion lies at the bottom of that sea, and take time to somehow make peace on a personal level with it. Some small suggestions are to go have tea with someone you are having issues with. Let the water wash over yourself and your relationships with others and the earth. Take time to plant a tree and water it. Take a bath with a lover. Embrace the element of water and the teachings it has for us, as we move closer towards co-creating a more harmonious planet, through conscious and intentional action. Then, at 11:11 pm take anywhere from 11 minutes to 111 minutes to embrace the element of fire, passion, heart. Go into a place where your light best shines; allow yourself to shine most magnificently. Some examples may be to create your own personal fire dance, light a candle, do something that demonstrates your brilliance and bring it to a street corner. Dance in the streets with a friend, do a candle-lit evening with a lover, light a camp-fire with friends, share some fire-dancing in public or at home, share your light… be bright, and together as a planet, as one large community, we will light up the earth with a gentle, compassionate call for peace! Some addition information from our first event, in 2005: In Tucson, community gathered to have a celebration of focusing on both the element of fire and water at the place where it all began for Planet Coexist: Tanque Verde Falls We gathered at the pool of illusions – a spot where many sacred ceremonies have been facilitated, in Tanque Verde Falls - at 11:11 am, and partook in events all day, with an explosion of passion when we come together around sundown. We invited people to bring their own candle to place around the pool, while we commenced the nightly celebration and festivities. We heated up lava rocks and placed them in the water to heat up the pool and create the steam of peace. We sat around the fire and built the evening up to where we then had… Fire Dancing, starting at exactly 11:11 pm, to send out this blessing of peace, by standing in our truths, and our authentic passions. Individual, group, and even children’s activities took place, with the intention of raising e”steam” for self and earth….conjuring up passion, inspiration, enlightenment, power and of course fun. Things to bring: We suggested that people bring organic food and drink to share, healing instruments & talents, yoga, chanting, healing, dance, music, participation and any other talents for fun. Juggling, poetry, anything that makes a party great for you - share it. Sharing is the greatest asset to the celebration! Music of all sorts, crystals & stones, incense & oils, and of course all your performance heART's content. WE HAD AN AMAZING TIME! And the steam made rainbows… a true vision of diversity within Unity! Peace