City Ashram Project

The City Ashram Project is a project geared towards building community, similar to an intentional living community, however, spanning an entire city or municipality.  Through the use of a list-serve, and other systems, as seen fit, the City Ashram Project will allow for the spontaneous outcroppings of local gatherings that contribute to the health of the community and its individual members.  The list-serve will be a venue allowing people to post spontaneous gatherings – happening the same day to a few days in advance - that they are putting together.  This might include: meditating in the morning at their home or in a park, a desire for a community meal in the evening – all organic, chanting at night, a hike in the morning, building a garden, doing an art project, etc.  The only criteria is that it brings a general feeling of health and well-being to the community and the members of the community participating.  In doing so, we will allow for more of a "City Ashram" – Sacred Village effect to happen.

We are often divided by our walls, our neighborhoods, our separate dwellings and the distance in between.  This project is geared to allow for those walls to become more mutable and permeable.  So invite some folks to join you in the park for yoga, or fructus lucii berry picking in the desert, a raw vegan meal in the middle of the week for lunch, a Sunday afternoon recycled-art project, or whatever else comes to your heart and mind, and share it with the rest.  Build community and raise the vibe of your town.

Signing Up

Signing up is simple.  Just go to here and follow the directions.

Posting an Event

Posting is simple.  We ask that you post a very simple header describing your event and when.  For example, “Raw Vegan Potluck – Sun-8/13 @ Noon”, or “Yoga in the park – Mon-6/24 @ 6am”, etc.  In the body of the paragraph, put any information that you feel pertinent to the invite.  In addition, the body of the email have the following template to fill out:

- Type of event

- Description/details

- Location

- Time

- People min/max

- Requests


Terms of Engagement:

Any violation of these rules will result in anything ranging from immediate, permanent removal from the list, a temporary probational period, to a simple warning or note – depending on the severity of the offense.