Conscious Living Festival

The Conscious Living Festival, is a state of the art community venture, geared toward bringing people together from all sectors of community for the purpose of helping to make this world a better place. Different from almost all the festivals out there, this event strives to incorporate as many aspects of the community as possible to be involved in an intimate way. Not only are we creating coalitions of different community organizations to help collaborate, share responsibility, and co-create this venture, but we will be sending liaisons into every community, to offer a way for every single person in this community to be involved in some way, shape or form. We want involvement to span from grassroots community organizing, all the way to corporate sponsors, organizational support and even - yes - government contribution. In line with Planet Coexist’s mission, we want to invite everyone to the table, as a true expression of the community’s work. In that vein, this event is not simply geared toward having a miraculous festival that everyone remembers and talks about. Rather, it has been formulated as an avenue to help create powerful change in our community and help to facilitate deeper community bonds and levels of cooperation within. It is an event to help bring people closer together and make this world a better place.

The event itself is a music, film & events festival focusing on the themes that help to facilitate the process toward integrated planetary wellness: these include health & wellness, the environment, peace & justice, alternative education, human rights, poverty, spirituality, and much more! There will be music stages, healing villages, market places offering sustainable goods and services, conscious food plazas, experiential event spaces, local, regional and international guest speakers, musicians & artists, themed villages and more. The weekend festival is geared toward creating a space where a future, better world can be experienced and lived - if only for a weekend - as to give a taste of what tomorrow can bring, if we are to work and play for it!

In addition, one of the very unique aspects of this event, which separates it from other large events, is what we are calling the “responsibility clause”. Before accepting any contributions from any corporation or organization, we ask that they look at themselves - their policies, consumption rates (both material & energy), and community relationships, and come up with a reasonable proposal as to what they are willing to do, over the course of the following year to help make this world a better place. This includes everything from working to make their employee situation more humane, to building recycling programs, installing more efficient energy systems, etc. Only after this proposal is submitted to the Conscious Living Festival and accepted as a reasonable proposal, will we accept sponsorship from them. By doing so, we ensure to help continue the energy of the festival, by bringing it into our everyday lives, in a powerful way. Individuals will be asked to make similar pledges upon entrance to the event. This way we are holding not only corporations and organizations responsible for their footprints on this planet, but truly every single one of us. Restated, the goal of this event is truly to help transform the world!

We invite you to join the fun!

The Coordinating Sponsor for the event is Planet Coexist. We intend on creating the protype, to eventually be spread world-wide, within the Tucson valley, on Indigineous reservation land - a place which is said to be the first place where people settled on this continent after crossing the land bridges tens of thousands of years ago. Our vision in doing this, is for the sake of addressing ancient issues of human settlement, world-wide and throughout time, and its affect on our lives today, in the modern world. Through deep awareness and compassionate cooperation, we will forge deeper partnerships within the community and the world and help make this world a more conscious and beautiful place!

For more information and to volunteer, please contact us at