Directories Explanation

The first section is the general directory of members, where all those involved, on some level, with Planet Coexist are listed together. We do this for the purpose of expressing our view, that no matter what 'position' one has in the organization, as a part of this dynamic community, we are all in it together! Whether one is on the national Council for Australia or helping to design fliers for an event, once in a blue moon, we are all of part of what make it happen! We are all deserving of respect, honor, admiration and compassion. It is all the spokes in the wheel which allow it to turn. This page is an expression of that philosphy!

The second section breaks down the membership list and categorizes it by areas of involvement - committees, councils, working teams, contributors, etc. This allows people to find out who's working on what, and gain easy access to people, according to the types of commitments that someone, or group of someones, has made to the organization and the community that co-creates it!

The splitting up into two sections allows for the necessary deliniation of organizational structure and community participation, while simultaneously sending the message that our community is not based in a hierarchical system, but is clear about the need to honor people in all the ways in which they contribute and dedicate themselves.