Full Moon Gatherings

Planet Coexist ran Full Moon Celebrations every month for two years.  They began in November of 2005, at Tangue Verde Falls, just northeast of Tucson, Arizona.  We would gather on the land on a regular basis, to help build a steady growing community interested in connecting to the land, themselves, and each other, in a way that brought all three into their fullness, as the moon went into its.

People would bring everything from food, song, chanting, poetry, fire-dancing, druming, theatre, story-telling, meditations, and much more.  We would sit around a fire, over-looking the city and under the stars.  It was a sight to see.

After a a year of doing the celebrations at Tanque Verde Falls, there was a fire ban on the land, due to a drought, forcing us to find a private property to hold our celebrations on.  We found the Terrasante Community and collaborated to raise the vibe even more than it had already had.  We enjoyed a year of amazing ceremony and built some powerful community and ceremonies/celebrations.  After a year of doing it at Terrasante Community, southwest of Tucson, Arizona, we chose to hand the reigns over to them and continue our work in other community ventures.  This process fulfilled the vision we have for a sustainable healthy planet and organization.  We choose to steward many projects until they create a life of their own and are able to run independantly.  The process of empowerment and community development allows the message to spread on an even deeper and more profound level; as opposed to our simply trying to do it ourselves. Together, we can!

Our Former Invite to the Community:

A celebration of healing & transformation, for the purpose of building the energy of inner and outer peace, here and NOW.

You are invited to a Full Moon celebration at Terrasante Community - bringing community together - celebrating the time for Peace on Planet Earth.

Time: Sunset til Sunrise

Let the moon lit night and the community of heart fill you with passion, inspiration, aliveness, friendship, and of course Fun!

What to bring: Please bring Organic food and drink to share, healing instruments & talents: chanting, healing, dance, music, theater, poetry and any other special talents to share - bring your performance heART's content.  Let's share our gifts with each other, the desert, and let the beautiful desert share its gifts with us.  Give, receive, be... we come to heal, be healed and simple settle into our oneness - with ourselves, each other, the planet, and beyond.

Come join the fun!

Click For Directions The Full Moon Celebration! (This link is no longer provided)

E-mail together@planetcoexist.com for more information, or click here for event details.