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Our Mission:


Integrated Sexuality & Right Relationship Fellowship (ISARRF) is a community fellowship that provides a safe forum to explore and discuss the many layers of personal and societal matters related to sexuality, intimacy and relationships.  Our intention is to support each other toward healthy and authentic engagement in relationships, while inspiring avenues for personal and societal transformation.


ISARRF is a forum where people can come together to discuss and explore issues related to sexuality and relationship, in a way that contributes to their highest good, and that of society's.   It is a place to expand consciousness and open the minds and hearts of the people involved, and those around us. There is no judgment here, just exploration.

Our intention is to create a movement with both local and regional groups, while creating a larger planetary discussion and connected to the larger movement of ISARRF, where these topics can be explored both in venues of discussion and application - in a way dedicated to human expansion and personal growth. The community project started in Tucson with it's first local group & is encouraging local chapters to start up world-wide.

Want to get involved? Join in the discussion. If there is no local group in your community, we can help you start one! We Invite you to be a part of our interactive discussion group. 



Let's shape and transform this dynamic movement together.

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