Membership Benefits

The benefit of becoming a member is the powerful and amazing opportunity to be a part of the Planet Coexist on-line community page. The site is currently under development, however, as time goes on this will be a fully interactive site where members will have the ability to network with people world-wide, in a communal way, with others who share a common passion of healing our planet, our communities, and ourselves!!! This is a way for volunteers and local council members and people with other types of affiliation & involvement, to network with each other, and to have the direct access for communication with the global, national and regional council members and steering members of the larger community. This site is a tool to help build a more holistic, sustainable, global community for Planet Coexist, and beyond!

In addition, you will have the option to have your personal page put up, with the amount of information you want PUBLIC, for the larger public to view, on this website. This however is not an option for council members and paid or volunteer staff - all people who are working on the structure of Planet Coexist will have a public page for everyone to see, to allow for easy accessibility and awareness of our leaders and management.  It is extremely important to us that open avenues of communication are available for all those interested in being a part of this process. TOGETHER, we are trying to co-create a new world.  Ready to join the fun?